Powerful New Approach to Cloud Security

Powerful New Approach to Cloud Security

We have watched many of our clients move to cloud or hybrid cloud operational environments, we’ve recognized how essential cloud security will be for the future of enterprise success. Cloud environments offer immense benefits to organizations, such as process automation, data management, and greater team collaboration. At the same time, the rapid adoption of cloud-based operations has opened up many businesses to an ever-expanding and evolving threat landscape.

Malware, ransomware and other bad actors are just part of the problem. Cloud environments greatly magnify network vulnerability and are highly dynamic, making it difficult to have comprehensive visibility of potential threat vectors. Many agent-based security solutions just can’t scale with processing demands.

That’s why I’m excited to announce our new partnership with Orca Security.

Orca Security delivers cloud security in a fraction of the time and operational cost. With 100% agentless security solutions, it provides full-stack, deep visibility into AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud platforms. It can also deploy in under 5 minutes and adds value out of the gate.

With Orca Security, customers gain a single, unified solution that can detect every important security risk at every layer of the cloud estate. Customers are also empowered to:

  • Replace multiple solutions and legacy vulnerability assessment tools
  • Achieve 100% visibility and coverage of the entire cloud estate 
  • Making data actionable to support decision making

Not only that, but it helps that Orca Security sees the customer’s cloud as an interconnected web of assets to be protected. With a single pane of glass for vulnerability management, organizations get a full set of cybersecurity categories and are freed up by automatic critical checks and compliance adherence.

This is just the beginning of a wonderful collaboration with Raftech and Orca Security. The best part is that Orca Security’s solutions are not static, but are constantly evolving to handle new threats or permutations of old attack tactics—ensuring a protected business remains safe and online.

Contact Raftech to learn more about the new Orca Security partnership.

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